Do you teach any other language besides Spanish?

No, we are specialized in Spanish language, and we teach only Spanish trying to excel at it, but we do translations in different languages.

Do you take online classes?

Yes, Hispanic Horizons offers offline as well as online classes to help students learn Spanish. Here you can study Spanish online live (Spanish A1 to C2) and Spanish online classes self-paced (Spanish A1 to B1 as of now).

What is the difference between online classes live and online classes self-pace?

The difference between online classes live and online classes self-paced, is the following:

Online classes live: They are videoconference courses and are  courses in real time, like offline courses, and we do exactly the same as in the offline courses: use of white board, games, works in groups, role plays, etc.

Online classes self-paced: all the materials are in our elearning platform, and every student has access to them at any time, 24×7, and can work at his/her own pace.

How do I know what my Spanish proficiency level is?

Students who want to register for the 1st time to one of our courses, and  know some Spanish are required to take a level test prior to enrolling in a Spanish language course in Mumbai or online so as to enrol in the most suitable level for them. Our level tests assess the written and oral skills.

What is the duration of each course?

We offer a variety of Spanish classes in Mumbai and online and the total duration of each course is different. For instance, our general Spanish language courses consist of 11 levels, and in each level we focus on the overall language acquisition of our students, including, speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills, and therefore the total duration of each course is 70 hours.

Similarly, our Spanish courses for kids aged between 6 to 9 years old consist of four levels of 30 hours each, and the courses for children from 10-12 years old consist of six levels of 50 hours each, after which they can join the B1 for adults.

Do you supply Spanish learning materials?

Yes, we do: worksheets, assessments, quizzes, exercise books, etc. Besides we help our students with various resources that cover everything required for the Spanish classes. Added to that, we also provide personalized notes to students in Google Classroom and employ different teaching methodologies to help them improve their skills.

How is the curriculum at Hispanic Horizons different from others?

Hispanic Horizons is a Spanish Language Institute run by Spanish nationals certified teachers with many years of experience teaching the language. As an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center in India, we take pride in offering the best Spanish language course in Mumbai  and online.  Our Spanish classes in Mumbai and online are very afforable, but without compromising in quality. We craft the curriculum for every course with a lot of care and effort following the international guidelines for Spanish (CEFR and PCIC) and we update the syllabus often to introduce improvements.

How long does it take to gain an adequate knowledge of Spanish?

To tell the truth, no one can accurately tell you how long it will take to learn Spanish. Because like any new skill, it completely depends on your personal abilities and the effort and time you are willing to devote to learn Spanish language. Also, attending all the classes will help you get exposure to the language, and build a strong foundation to learn Spanish faster.

Is Spanish language difficult?

That depends on many factors like your facility to learn languages, which is your mother tongue, your age, etc. But we can say that to start speaking Spanish is not difficult. Spanish is a very phonetic language, easy to start with. The higher levels are little more difficult because of the grammar. But Spanish in general is not a difficult language to learn.

What in the validity & value of your certificate? Will it be recognised abroad?

Our certificates have a life time validity, that is, never exprires, and it  has international prestige, since Hispanic Horizons is Instituto Cervantes accredited center.

Can I attend the free of cost cultural activities even if I am not a student of HH?

No, our cultural events free of cost are a free facility for our students.

Do you have any free facility for all to help learn Spanish?

Yes, we have created a free Spanish language community (Spanish Together)  where any person can make an account free of cost, meet other students and teachers of Spanish and ask any quetsion regarding Spanish language. 

How do I sign up for a course in Hispanic Horizons?

Should you want to study Spanish, there are three steps to signing up for a course at Hispanic Horizons. These include:

Choose a Course: we offer a wide variety of courses. Hence, the first thing you need to do is choose a course that meets your requirements.

Fill Out the Application Form: Once you have chosen a course, you will need to fill out the application with the required details.

Make the Payment: using the most conveninet paymend mode for you.

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque payments, bank transfers & online payment via credit card or debit card.

How do I register for a DELE Exam?
Should you want to know more about our DELE courses or register for the DELE exam, visit


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