Spanish for Children (6-9 years)

At Hispanic Horizons, we offer the best Spanish for children (6-9 years) online live or offline in Mumbai. There are four levels that are specifically designed for children. These Spanish classes for kids help to introduce them to the beautiful Hispanic language and culture from a young age.


30 hrs. course per level

Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The Spanish classes for children are specially designed for them.

The Spanish classes for children are suitable For:

-Students from 6 to 9 years old.

-Students who know how to read and write in their own language.

-Students who have a basic knowledge of English (only for beginners).

Our Students:

Our students come from many different backgrounds. Most of our students are Indians, but we have students of other nationalities as well. HH is open to anyone who wants to learn Spanish.

Check the Schedule Below

We have weekday and weekend batches. If you have a group of students, contact us to plan a batch according to your needs.

spanish for kids
spanish for children




SC-68, Level 1 for kids, 30 hrs.-Videoconference

Saturdays: 4:30 to 6:00pm

June 15 to Nov 23, 2024

Rs. 7,900 + GST (includes study material & certificate)

For children 6-9 years old

Shipping charges for study material to be borne by the student


SC-69, Level 1 for kids, 30 hrs.-OFFLINE

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5:00 to 6:30 pm

June 18 to Sept 12, 2024

Rs. 7,900 + GST (includes study material & certificate)

For children 6-9 years old

Shipping charges for study material to be borne by the student


Access online

Direct access with just a computer, tablet or mobile, and a good Internet connection.

From your home

Access your course from any part of the world. Course timings are mentioned in Indian Standard Time (IST).

Real time interaction

Interact directly with your teacher and classmates in real-time.


30 hrs. course

30 hrs. of live classes, via videoconference, plus your personal hours of study and class assignments.


Online Exams

Give the online exam and get an internationally recognized certificate from Hispanic Horizons. You will need to get 50% in the course to get your certificate.

White board & screensharing

Videoconferencing system with white board, screensharing, possibility of working in groups & much more.

Maximum 10 students per class

We take a minimum of 6 students per class, and a maximum of 10, to facilitate interaction and learning.


Oral expression skills

Practice your speaking skills with many interactive activities and games.

Oral Comprehension skills

Listen and practice and understand more in Spanish with songs and audios suitable for children.

Hispanic culture input

Learn about Hispanic culture and Spanish-speaking countries.

Our Spanish Courses

Hispanic Horizons certification

Our Certification

The certification of our Spanish courses for children, is as follows:

To obtain the achievement certificate, the student has to:

-Pass the oral and written exam with at least 50%.

The Hispanic Horizons certificate:

-has a lifetime validity.

-has international prestige (Accredited center of Instituto Cervantes).

spanish books

Materials used for Spanish for kids


Level 1: Colega 1. Editorial Edelsa

Level 2: Colega 2. Editorial Edelsa.

Level 3: Colega 3. Editorial Edelsa.

Level 4: Colega 4. Editorial Edelsa.

spanish for kids

Our Methodology:

At Hispanic Horizons, our teaching method emphasize a communicative approach, including the development of oral and written Spanish skills, and awareness of sociocultural aspects.

In the Spanish classes for children, we put more emphasis on the gamification of the classes: songs, games, interactive activities, and collaborative tasks.

The teacher gives personalized attention to the children and guides them in their learning process.

online live classes

Class rules:

-Keep the video on (Zoom class).

-Mute yourself when you are not talking (Zoom class).

-Listen to others.

-Be punctual.

-Be respectful towards everyone.

-Do not eat in class.

-Participate actively.


Course Objectives & Contents

Level 1

No previous knowledge of Spanish is required to study level 1 Spanish course for children.
The main objectives are: to introduce yourself in Spanish; describe your family; to speak about colours, birthday and basic things; describe your house, the classroom and other places; to speak about your abilities; describe yourself and your friends and animals; speak about your clothes, food, likes and dislikes; to order food in a restaurant.

Level 2

The main objectives of level 2 of Spanish course for children are: to introduce others in Spanish; describe your school and means of transport; to express possession; to describe people; speak about toys; say where things, places, and people are; speak about sports; speak in present tense; tell the time and speak about the timetable; describe nature; speak about climate, seasons and clothes.

Level 3

The main objectives of level 3 for children are: speak about yourself using different verbs; ask and answer about nationality; speak about the languages one speaks; give directions to go to places; speak about the city and get to know Spanish speaking cities; speak about the daily routine; speak about the meals of the day and explain simple recipes; speak about chores; speak about music; express actions in future tense; express actions in past tense; express feelings; make plans for the holidays; speak about the care of the environment.

Level 4 for children

The main objectives of level 4 for children are: speak about your school and subjects; describe people (more adjectives); speak about the world and the planet; speak about last summer; speak about their childhood; express actions that are happening right now; order in a restaurant; go shopping; speak about recent past actions; express condition; express actions in future tense; write an informal letter or email; speak about television, press and movies.


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