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Hispanic Horizons is an Instituto Cervantes accredited center in India. Cervantes Accreditation is the most prestigious quality accreditation in terms of Spanish teaching. In fact, the Cervantes Accreditation is the sole international accreditation for institutions teaching Spanish as a foreign language. If you are looking for the best Spanish language classes in Mumbai with international accreditation, then Hispanic Horizons is the perfect place to study. You can also sign up for our online course in Spanish language from any part of the world.

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In order to ensure the quality of the teaching of the Spanish language, the Cervantes Institute created a Quality Seal/Accreditation Process that Spanish language centers can obtain. This accreditation is obtained after stringent criteria tests and on-site inspections. The Cervantes Quality Seal is the only internationally recognized seal in the world for ⁠the Spanish language.⁠ These centers undergo many assessments to ensure the quality of their Spanish teaching and ensure that they offer a wide range of Spanish language classes in Mumbai or any other location across the globe. The Instituto Cervantes accredited centers give a certification of international prestige to their students.

The Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centers  use this logo:



An Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center: 


Is compliant with all legal formalities required to provide education services.


Has a qualified teaching staff.



Routinely assesses its programs and all the courses.


Counsels students on their progress & responds to students’ complaints and claims.


Advertises its offers accurately and clearly.


Has a teaching program in place that guarantees students’ learning progress.


Adapts its methodology to students.


Encourages students to take the exams and get a diploma in Spanish as a foreign language (DELE).


Has satisfactorily equipped classrooms and other educational facilities.


Gets certificates with the Cervantes logo, having international prestige.


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